Plant Manufacturing

  • 162 acres of green house,the world’s largest one.
  • No human hand right from seeding to transport,everything is automated.
  • They catch rain water from roof and store in 25 acres of farm pond and recycle
  • They are retail supplier of 90 Million plants to Lowes,Walmart in USA.

It’s truly marvelous!!!

Andhra govt offers 75% subsidy for greenhouse farming

HYDERABAD: The city may not have to depend on neighbouring states for supply of vegetables much longer as the Telangana government has announced 75% subsidy for greenhouse farming in 1,000 acres around Hyderabad

According to the scheme, subsidy would be provided for greenhouse farming in areas ranging between 100 square metres to three acres. The infrastructure in one acre may cost about Rs 32 lakh, of which the government would provide Rs 24 lakh

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Cost Breakup Samples :-

banner_01 iWebBanner_001.jpg 8

End to End Project setup for 1 acre is given below

Rose        :- Project Cost 40 Lakhs ; Profit 6 Lakhs/year
Gerbera        :- Project Cost 47 Lakhs ; Profit 8 Lakhs/year
Carnation    :- Project Cost 50 Lakhs ; Profit 8 Lakhs/year
Capsicum    :- Project Cost 35 Lakhs ; Profit 7 Lakhs/year

Creating contour map of your farm

Wanted to design a farm pond based on engineering survey? Do it yourself by measuring elevation profile of hundreds of location(contour map). Using Quickgrid,there are various options to open a base map and overlap water flow direction. Watch video for detailed instruction

Software needed in Windows

  1. GOOGLE EARTH–> (Register as your gmail id and key as GEPFREE)
  3. Golden Software(Surfer) –>

Click photo for larger view

FarmContour QuickGrid

Farm  Surfer

My identification

  • 3 ponds(Left,Middle,Right) have been identified in my farm
  • Each pond can equally harvest upto 5 acres.
  • 60*35*35 feet size harvest based on 10% surface run off of red soil.
  • 5,00,000 liters can be harvested from 250 mm(10 inches) occurring from 5 or 6 intensive rainfall in a season.
  • A tar road is separating left & right side land . Water flows along the road. Wanted to stop it within our land. Also this becomes upstream for left side bore and recharges better than leaving water along the tar road or divert them to left pond,in which case next plot will benefit due to slope characteristics.