How to automate Drip Irrigation?

It becomes impossible for a gardener to water the plants everyday especially if the land is big.  Automated Control Panel can be used for controlling valves or sprinklers at different places. The sprinklers/drip values location can vary from 10 to 50 units depending on the length of the land. The panel based on controllers and timers can control all the operations of the sprinkler without any extend help.

What Subsidies Can I get in Farm Business?

Govt of Maharashtra has published very good handbook for the farmer listing all the subsidy available to them such as Crop,Pond,Irrigation etc.  Check similar subsidy with your local agri department


Where can I get hybrid Seeds?

Popular Seed Companies


Other Seed companies

Detailed list –> or

An engineer from IIT, now a farmer..Inspiring Story

Video of R Madhavan(Tamil)…

Controlling Pump from you Mobile Phone

There are many vendor having Cell Phone controlled Irrigation Pump Starters. Below are my choice

Soil Sampling Method

The following video (“Soil Testing”) was created by the Indian Society for Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP) based in New Delhi, India.

Manual –>