Organic seed Banks in India

Navdanya- New Delhi

The country’s first organic seed bank, Navdanya, was set up by the renowned physicist and environmentalist Dr. Vandana Shiva. The center, headquartered in New Delhi with a biodiversity farm in Dehradun, grows more than 1,500 varieties of seed in organic settings where the seeds adapt to seasonal variations — like lots of rain one season and no rain the next. Navdanya has spread across 17 states in India, providing crucial sanctuaries of biodiversity with 111 community seed banks and operations that have trained over 500,000 farmers in seed sovereignty and sustainable agriculture

Activists Natabar Sarangi from Odhisha

Global Greengrants Fund grantee and retired teacher Natabar Sarangi from Odhisha state has spent his days collecting native seeds across India Since 1998. So far, he has collected over 350 seed varieties with the help of just a few employees. He hopes to collect 500 different varieties by 2012.

Another story of Ariven Rice has been featured in Non-GMO project database and successfully commercialized.


Setting up Solar Farm & its costs

To generate 1MW(lay man sense,1000 EB units per hour) power you would require 4 acres land. This can cost you about 8 crores.  You can get incentives from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. It can pay itself in about 7 yrs and remaining 15yrs it would be free or for profit.

  • 1000 Units per hour,8 hrs of production = 8000 units
  • Govt can procure for about Rs 6 per unit. Fixed price for 25 years. Need a 33kv substation near by
  • 300 sunny days in a year
  • Approximately generates income of Rs 1.2 crores/year.
  • It works out to be IRR(Internal Rate of Return) 15% a year post tax

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India’s grassroot inventions

Professor Anil Gupta from IIM-A walked over thousands of kilometer in search of barefoot innovators in villages. He has documented over 25000 inventions and some of them became global products such as Coconut tree climber,Pomegranate De-seeder,Garlic peeler,Milking machine etc. He is recipient of Padmashri award.

Check these website.

  •   –>I just previewed TN..pretty impressive!

Check Gupta’s TED Video–>

Mouth watering Jackfruit Farming

The moment we see/smell this fruit on the road side we will fall in love with this fruit. This is jack of all fruits with outstanding nutrient values including high potassium that can lower blood pressure and heart disease.

  • On an average tree can bear 100-150 fruits weighing 10-20kg each minimum almost for 9 months in a yea.
  • Each fruit can be sold to vendor for about Rs 50- 100 generating income of Rs 10,000+ per tree.
  • Approximately it needs 12*12m spacing which is around 40 trees/acre could generate income of Rs 3-4 Lakhs/acre.
  • It can sustain 3-5 months of drought but needs life saving watering.
  • This is sold unorganized and in unhygienic way on the road side. If we can package them in small container,it can reach middle/upper class people and we can make more profits

Jackfruit on a Tree - Global Village Fruits.JPG

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