How to check slope of your agri land?

In order for you to plan for water harvesting,you need to know lowest point in your land and slope direction of your land to layout water channel.

  • One way is to engage civil engineer to do contour survey but most of the time you won’t get techie people in village.
  • Another way is to walk up to your field right at the moment of intense rainfall to see where water is heading to?
  • Yet another way is to check water logging spots after rainfall but it won’t tell you how to plan feeding channels

Never worry. You can be a civil engineer and plan yourself from anywhere in the world (With Google pro free trial membership for 7 days)

  • Download Goog Earth Professional
  • On your left enable “Terrain” option
  • Search your farm location and save it
  • On top middle menu,choose “Clock” to choose best satellite acquisition picture(I had cloud covered picture for mine so I chose dec 2013 picture)
  • On top middle menu,choose “Ruler” and go to “Path” tab,enable “show elevation profile”
  • Start clicking on the map to mark your land boundary
  • Bottom chart shows elevation profile of each line and slope %
  • You can also go to “Polygon” tab to measure your land area in acre/hectare size accurately.


The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting

Very inspiring TED talk on water harvesting. In this talk Mishra explores and expounds on the various ways that indigenous Indians harvest water with wells, filter ponds and catchment systems in Golden dessert of Rajastan which only receives 9 inches of rainfall.  It’s possible to get water from just about anywhere, and that’s reassuring!

This talk was presented at an official TED conference, and was featured by our editors on the home page